Safety Tips

Inspect the outside and inside of the vehicle before unlocking it - be aware of persons loitering in the immediate vicinity and, if necessary, walk away and request assistance.

Know your destination and directions to it, and be alert should you get lost.

Make a mental note of any Police Stations in the area.

Avoid driving when the roads are quiet.

Drive in the centre lane away from pedestrians where possible.

Change your routes on a regular basis.

Ensure that all valuables and important documents are photocopied, authenticated by a Commissioner of Oaths and securely locked away. If you do not have a fire-proof home safe, lodge these copies with your bank for safekeeping.

Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks. The front door should have a safety chain or safety latch and, if the door has no vision panel, a door viewer should be installed. If keys to perimeter doors are mislaid, those locks should be replaced.

If a repair-person is expected, do not allow entry unless identity has been checked through a vision panel or door viewer and with the company concerned.

Do not go outside alone to investigate at night. Rather switch off all lights and open curtains to allow you to see what is occurring outside, once eyes have become accustomed to the dark.

Consider installing lighting outside which is activated by a motion detector.

A second "dummy" safe containing items of little value is recommended.


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